There was a question posted on a page that I follow on Facebook, Valorie Burton.  She asked, “Gratitude break! 🙌🏾 What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?!?!”I sat and thought about that for way too long.

I kept looking for something big, mention worthy.  Something that was  awesome that would WOW anyone reading.  I wasn’t able to think of one great big thing that met my criteria.  I as bothered. My life sucks. Nothing good ever happens to me.  Everyone else has all these amazing experiences. I really suck.

I closed my tablet and went to brood about just how much I suck. About just how lousy my life is. About how I don’t even deserve to be happy… 

Then there was this click in my head.  Hold up. Wait a minute.  How did I go from what is the best thing that happened to I suck and don’t deserve to be happy.  I got so caught up in my thinking about what others might view as a “best thing” that I didn’t even entertain what MY best thing is. 

Instead of internalizing and finding the things that I am grateful for, I was comparing my blessings, accomplishments, victories to everyone elses.
That wasn’t the question, though, was it.  The question was, “Gratitude break! 🙌🏾 What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?!?!”

So here it is.  The best thing that happened to me this week is that I had two days off together.  I work for a major retailer and two days off back to back does not always occur. Especially now, post quarantine with an edited staff.  They were two glorious days of not even leaving the house. 

I wound yarn.  I worked on earring designs.  I played with my camera.  I slept.  I enjoyed my two days off back to back to the fullest.  

Two days off back to back.  Not the grandest thing.  Not even something anyone else my view as a cause for celebration.  But then, I am not anyone else.  I am me, and I celebrate those two days off, almost as much as I celebrate the realization that what I am grateful for has nothing to do what what anyone else thinks is worthy.  

So how about you, what are YOU grateful for this week.  Write it down. Celebrate it. It does’t matter if it doesn’t seem amazing to someone else, it is amazing to you, and that alone makes it worthy.

© 2020 Michelle A. Logan


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