Celebrate the wins

I don’t celebrate my wins.  I don’t celebrate because I don’t think that the “wins” are significant enough.  I don’t count up the little things.  I also pigeon-hole my concept of wins to the goals I have set; so, if I do good at something that isn’t on my goal list, it doesn’t count.

Basically I was saying to myself, it’s not big enough or it’s not valid.  I discount anything that might be a success, telling myself what I do doesn’t amount to much.  Devaluing success is one of my well honed talents. 

After all, we should not be proud, right.  Spending time identifying strengths is prideful, isn’t it?  Isn’t humility about not building yourself up or thinking highly about yourself? How am I having a humble heart if I am ticking off even the smallest of successes?

The problem with that way of thinking is that after a while I begin to feel like I am failing at everything.  The more I feel like I am failing, the less likely I am to keep trying.  The problem is that by not celebrating the wins, even if they are small, even if they aren’t on my list of goals, is that I begin believing that I can’t succeed.  I give up.

Small wins are the things that will keep me going.  The small steps  take me closer to where I am going from where I started. Sometimes the fact that I stood still and didn’t lose ground is the win.  Sometimes that I started again after losing ground is the win.

Everytime I show up, and I am present in my life, it’s a win.

I am going to celebrate my wins, even if they are small, because I need to remember that every small win is a success.  Every small win is a step in the right direction. 


even if I didn’t drink all my glasses of water, I did drink more water

even if I didn’t write every day, I did write something.

even if I didn’t prep my lunch every day, some days I did

even if building better relationships is not on my immediate goal list, every relationship I build is a win.

Are there small successes that you take for granted? 

Are there things you discount as not big enough to count?

Write them down, keep track of them.  

Every small win takes you to the next step in your journey.

© 2020 Michelle A. Logan   

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