Small Changes

This year I committed to complete the Daniel Fast. I did the 21 day fast. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that I would survive eliminating coffee, sugar, dairy, meat, all things bread, all at the same time. Not only did I survive, I realized that I really do like veggies a whole lot, and I really don’t miss meat that much.

In the first week I realized that it didn’t feel lilke I had sacrificed anything. I thought to myself surely I must be doing this wrong, this should feel much more difficult. The changes in my diet felt small, insignficant even. I didn’t many of the things I had eliminated. I found myself enjoying things that I used think I really didn’t like. None of the changes I made felt impossible or overwhelming. My pre-fasting diet wasn’t hard to adjust to my fasting diet.

Something started to become clear to me in the second week of the fast. I was beginning to understand that the same way I only needed to make minor adjustments to the way I ate during the fast, is a lot like the ways I need to change to grow in my faith. The little things I should change that would bring more glory to God.

Little things in the way I approached everyday situations that let God’s light shine through. I could be more encouraging. If I see someone doing a good job, don’t just think it, but tell them. If someone is having a hard time with something, help them to best of my ability. Remember to smile more on purpose, especially now that a face mask is required everywhere you go, make sure that my eyes convey the right message.

Remind myself daily that God is on my side. Remember to stay in constant communication with Him all day, everyday. Instead of trying to do stuff on my own, with my own wisdom, remember that God is only a prayer away and his direction is always the best way to go.

None of these things are foreign concepts to me, and to a certain degree, I had been doing all of these things. Through this fast though, I realized that far too frequently I was not doing the things I knew I should be doing. None of these things require any major shifts in my daily living. All of these things however will make me a better mom, friend, colleague. All of these things will allow who I say I am on the inside to be evident on the outside.

I went into this period with a specific end in mind, looking for guidance. What I got was very specific answers. The direction I needed was made clear. More importantly though is that God made clear what His direction for me is.

Just so you know, while I may end up giving up red meat coffee is on the agenda for tomorrow morning. I can’t wait for the aroma to fill the house in the morning.

© 2021, Michelle A Logan. All rights reserved

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