After 91 days as a furloughed employee, I returned to work. Added to my dress code are gloves and masks. In my heart a place of Ebenezer.

The journey through the wilderness of those 91 days was life changing. A journey of learning.

With a whole lot of time and nowhere to go, I sat quietly. No hustle. No bustle. Just rest. Sleeping eight hours a night, a long forgotten luxury. Reading, just because I like to read. A bit of binge watching online programs, I really do like Columbo.

Then, I got serious. I’d been wanting to do a group Bible Study. I’d been wanting to develop a better devotion time. I kept planning on enrolling in a writing class. The list of things I wanted to do was so long. I started working through that list.

I studied the Word of God, alone and in a virtual group, several groups to be honest. I discovered that it wasn’t too late to be my best self. I found friendships and comradery.

I refused to worry about my finances or my health, choosing instead to rest in God’s faithfulness. Trusting in Him to provide, however He willed to do. I asked for guidance on what I should be doing, then did as I was led to do.

91 days in the wilderness of quarantine, and here at the end my Ebenezer. Every need met, and so many wants satisfied.

This is the place where God kept me and showed me that I am complete in Him. This is where I truly embraced that I am God’s masterpiece, that He does have work for me, planned for me long ago.

© 2020 Michelle A. Logan

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